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Nine Days in Summer

“One of, if not the classic motorsport film Nine Days in Summer is the definitive story of the development of an iconic racing car and record-breaking engine. Design guru Colin Chapman and engine supremo Keith Duckworth came together to produce the now legendary Lotus 49, powered by the fabled Ford DFV which would go on to become the most successful engine in Formula One history. The car went from concept to racetrack in just months and, amazingly, was victorious on four occasions during the 1967 Grand Prix season, including its debut. Nine Days in Summer, introduced by motorsport expert Simon Taylor, charts this extraordinary achievement in comprehensive detail. Incredible full-colour race action from nine Formula One rounds combines with fascinating footage of Cosworth and Lotus craftsmen painstakingly creating these stunning examples of automotive art. The film also allows you unprecedented access to Chapman, Duckworth and legendary drivers Jim Clark and Graham Hill. Nine Days of Summer, from the Ford Archive Gems series, is the ultimate guide to the creation of a motorsport icon and a milestone in motorsport film-making.”
Courtesy of Mike Banks

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Programmi per l’estate?Nooooo?!
Allora correte a prenotare il vostro volo per Hethel: dal 12 agosto, LOTUS riapre i cancelli del suo DRIVING ACCADEMY…
Un’occasione unica per vivere il brivido Lotus nel famoso circuito della Fabbrica e non solo….
A partire da 119£ un’emozione che non scorderete…
Chiamateci per maggiori info.
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Stregati dalla nuova Evora GT 430? Allora affrettatevi, ne verranno prodotte SOLO 60!
Ordinabile da ora. Per maggiori info contattateci allo 049 89161605.
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Precision, beauty and performance: The new Lotus Evora GT430

• 0-60 mph in 3.7 secs, 430 hp e 1.258 kg

• 250kg of downforce alla velocità massima di 190 mph

• Solo 60 per tutto il mercato mondiale

• Ordinabile ora…